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Custom-made yoga studio administration software for both independent yoga teachers, and yoga studios with several teachers. Easy for you and for your yogis. How it works.
”Thanks to Momoyoga, I have so much more insight into my studio's activity. It is a real timesaver in terms of the administration of my yogis. Momoyoga also has a clear layout and it is not expensive.”
Ciska de Kok

Accessible - Anytime. Anywhere.

Your yogis can easily make reservations and pay for their classes online. Anytime and anywhere, with just the click of a button. Accessible on mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Download the app.
”I never knew who I could expect in my yoga class, or even if anyone would come at all. Now, I know well in advance, which gives me much more control.”
Sandra Botman

Make a good impression.

Open your yoga studio to the public. Professional, smart and simple. Fill up your classes effectively. New yogis can register more easily than ever before.
”With Momoyoga I set up my yoga school quickly and effectively. It's easy, highly professional, and it saves me a lot of time! I also know where I stand in terms of number of students, and can more effectively plan my promotions.”
Sofie Horsman

Always improving.

We are ready for your questions, but we are also open to suggestions. We are constantly developing additional features. What would you like to see in Momoyoga? Please contact Momoyoga.


More than a million classes have been booked by more than 75,000 yogis.


More than ten million dollar has been purchased at more than 300 yoga studios.

Accept online payments.

Accept payments for your yoga studio by credit card, PayPal and more.

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