Tuesday December 29

07:30 PM
VIRTUAL SOUND HEALING for the Full Moon online class
07:30 PM - 08:30 PM

Guest Teacher: This class will be taught by Jessie Hill from Hilltop Healing.

Take some time to restore, renew, and heal using powerful and intentional sound waves. In this workshop, you'll float away to the relaxing sound of perfect-pitch crystal singing bowls, Himalayans singing bowls & chimes, Koshi chimes, an ocean drum and a 30" symphonic Paiste gong. Using these powerful, high-frequency, healing vibrations assists in moving energy, releasing blocks and refreshing your body & mind. Through sympathetic resonance and entrainment, these sound waves affect the waves of our own body's rhythm; they assist in our healing by flushing blocks and energy that doesn't belong to us, effectively returning us to our own unique blueprint of perfect health. The relaxing benefits reach far beyond the physical.

Please prepare for this workshop by creating a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Add pillows, cushions, blankets or anything else you need to get as comfortable as possible. Bring your intentions. The sound quality will be improved if you use headphones. You also may want to have layers as we tend to feel cold as we relax and blood pressure drops.