ONLINE Grounding Yoga
Thursday, 15 April • 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
6 Ways Yoga
Mary Devereux
This class is an invitation to slow down, ease your body, use your breath in a therapeutic way and calm your nervous system. Starting slowly with mindful breathing. Moving through your body to warm, release, stretch and free your joints. The practice progresses to a slow flow visiting key postures and sequences that are more gentle. We spend most of the time reclined, seated, prone and on hands and knees. This class is designed to ease the tight and tense spots in your body. We move slowly and softly. This practice is a good partner to more dynamic exercise. Suitable for beginners and anyone looking to deeply connect to their body through a softer practice. We end in a luxurious relaxation.
Zoom link will be email prior to class.