Friday 8 November : Chandra Krama - Moon Sequence Workshop

Chandra Krama - Moon Sequence Workshop

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Time   17:30 - 20:30
Teacher   Maxi
Location   Bhumi Yoga Shala
The Moon Sequence, or Chandra Krama, is an alternative therapeutic vinyasa sequence designed by Matthew Sweeney (author of Ashtanga Yoga As It Is and Vinyasa Krama) accessible to students of all traditions.

It begins as a gentle vinyasa flow, moving slowly deeper relaxing and soothing the nervous system and helping you rebalance energetically, psychologically, and physically. The Moon Sequence allows to introspec, honor and be present with what is instead of trying to get anywhere.

This sequence is suitable and beneficial for all levels of practitioners, adjustments to certain poses can always be made.

Maxi Meissner is one of two teachers in the Netherlands certified by Matthew Sweeney to teach Chandra Krama.

* No refunds are possible upon booking.