Tuesday 24 September

Mysore Style Yoga (07.00-09.45h)
The Shala
07:00 - 09:45
The Shala

Doors open at 6.55h. We chant at 07.00, practice ends at 9.45h (end savasana by 9.45h).

Practicing in the Mysore class, practitioners will benefit from receiving direct one-on-one guidance from the teacher as needed, and will grow in their practice with a gradual step-by-step approach respecting the student's pace. A class where beginners practice alongside more seasoned practitioners. A setting for community and real self-growth.

​No previous experience needed.

Shala guidelines to keep in mind:

Starting Times for Mysore:

Please respect to start your practice at least 75 minutes before Mysore practice closes:
This means to start your practice no later than 8.30h on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and by 7.45h on Wednesdays.

We chant at 07.00h Monday - Thursday

Friday is the led class we start together at 07.00h!
Saturday - we all start together with the chant at 9.30h

If possible really try to be there for the chant (see indication of when we chant above) - and have your practice set up before the chant so you don't have to go to the toilet or do any of your possible warm-up exercises after the chant.

Respect Class Closing Times:

Please also respect the class closing times. I will be strict enforcing them from now on, opening the shala door to let in fresh air at the end. This means to be finished with your savasana at 9.45h Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 09.00h on Wednesdays (the school closes shortly after).

Fridays we finish together.

Finish by 11.15h on Saturdays.

If you could bring a small towel or rug to practice that would be great.

Please respect silence in the shala (also while rolling out your mat quietly or leaving with minimal noise). Thank you.

Please remember to shower before practice (or the night before if you're not a sweaty sleeper). It's good to offer yourself to practice clean.