Sunday June 30 : Summer Workshop

  9:00 am
Summer Workshop

Time   9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Teacher   Michelle
Location   6 St Johns Court, Ramsbottom, BL0 9BB
Spots   Still 4 available
To celebrate the brightness of summer the theme of this workshop is 'Breathe'.

The summer season invites us to get out and about more, bringing more enthusiasm, warmth, extroversion, and much joy into our daily lives. For many we feel that summer time fills us with new life. However, we must also remember not to rely upon the season to bring us happiness. These workshops are about embracing each season we find ourselves in and learning how best to adapt to the seasonal changes.

We will start with a summer yin yoga practice to target the heart and small intestine meridians, which work closely together to govern the body's blood flow, and also the stomach and spleen meridians. We will cool and calm the body, mind, and emotions whilst creating a sense of inner nourishment and well-being. There after we will begin our dynamic summer yoga flow, however, we'll keep it slow, so we don't build up any excessive heat, especially if it is a warm day when we practice! This workshop seeks to cultivate a cool, quieting tempo while generating feelings of celebration, joy and connection.