Sunday September 22 : Autumn Workshop

  9:00 am
Autumn Workshop  (cancelled )

Time   9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Teacher   Michelle
Location   6 St Johns Court, Ramsbottom, BL0 9BB
Spots   Still 10 available
To celebrate the glow of Autumn the theme of this workshop is 'Release'.

Autumn brings an array of colours, with the trees full of red, yellow and orange leaves, the crisp winds and golden light. Some people love autumn and yet others fear it because it is a step closer to winter. Just as we celebrate the spring and summer seasons we can learn to love autumn too, since it is also a season of much beauty. During these crucial months mother nature begins to prepare for her long winter's rest and signals for us to do the same. We all need to start slowing down a little and begin working with releasing and letting go of that which we no longer need.

We will start with an autumn yin yoga sequnce to target the lung and large intestine meridians which will support the release of built up emotions so we can feel the sorrows of life as gateways to appreciating its preciousness. As it turns a little colder and we opt for denser foods it is a good idea to stay as active as possible so stagnant energy doesn't begin to build up in our bodies. The autumn yoga flow will build mental clarity and focus, as well as physical grounding. This dynamic yoga sequence will build heat and a strong internal focus, and also challenge you on an emotional level, empowering you to face difficulties with strength and confidence.