Sunday December 15 : Winter Workshop

  9:00 am
Winter Workshop

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Time   9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Teacher   Michelle
Location   6 St Johns Court, Ramsbottom, BL0 9BB
Spots   Still 10 available
To celebrate the importance of slowing down as we move towards winter the theme for the workshop is 'Gratitude'.

For many of us December is a crazy month. We are running here, there and everywhere. Not only are our bodies running at 100mph but so are our minds. We feel we have got so much to do but not enough time. However, have you ever taken the time, even when you are really busy and feel you don't have the time, to stop and pamper yourself?

For most of us we don't realise that if we stop, rest, meditate, practice yoga and self care often enough we will actually have more energy. Yet time and time again we forget to slow down, especially at his time of year and then our bodies force us to stop through illness, burn out and exhaustion.

We will start with a grounding winter yin yoga sequence and with winter being the most yin part of the yearly cycle, we might find it easier to get still and quiet during this season. The practice will help to stimulate and strengthen the kidney and bladder meridians and encourage us to deeply rest and restore. Then the dynamic winter yoga flow sequence will seek to boost circulation and metabolism and help to maintain strength, especially in our core. So, although it's a good thing to allow our energy levels to be lower, we still need to take time to keep moving too. This workshop will help us to balance dynamic movement with restorative stillness.