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Yoga for Endurance Athletes Strength 1
Paul Warloski
April 26 2021 • Duration: 47 Minutes
Yoga for Endurance Athletes - Strength

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Each week, we will do a yoga practice that mixes breathing practice, spinal twists, long holds of poses, and core work to build strength, stability, and mobility.

We always start with several minutes of breathing practice. This means a three-part breath by filling up the belly, diaphragm, then chest, then exhaling the chest first, diaphragm, then belly.

At the end of most yoga classes is Savasana, a chance to fully relax. In this class, you are welcome to dive into Savasana and fully relax your body.

Or, if you’re ADHD like me and can’t sit still for more than 20 seconds, you can practice your three-part breathing.

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Poses Strength Class 1
Reclining Butterfly
Downward Dog to Sun Salutation Flow: Mountain/ Forward Fold/ Half-Lift/ High to Low Plank/ Cobra/ Downward Dog.
Downward Dog/ Three-Legged Dog/ Warrior 1 /Warrior 2/ Extended Side Angle/ Reverse Warrior
Mountain/ step back to Crescent Lunge/ Revolved Crescent Lunge/ Dragonfly/ Warrior 2/ Triangle
Locust/ Superhero
Supine Twist

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