Friday 21 February : Bathed in LOVE - A luscious day of sacredness, yoga and healing hot springs

  9:00 am
Bathed in LOVE - A luscious day of sacredness, yoga and healing hot springs

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Time   9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Teacher   Adriana
Location   Peninsula Hot Springs - Victoria140 Springs lane, Fingal 3939 Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
Sweet Price if you’re quick
$280 (paid in full before 25 September 2019)

Full Price
$330 (paid in full by 1 February 2020)

Beloved One,

Take a day off

and let’s get fluent in the language of Silence.

Shed what is not serving you

and celebrate what is holding you.

This day

is your day to bathe in love.

From my heart to yours,

Lets reshape how LOVE flows.


Silence (no writing, no speaking, no social media) from the moment you wake up on that day till a magic bell sounds to break our silence.

Let’s gather in ceremony through movement of Intuitive Primal ‘play’ Vinyasa (yeah, you’ll be fine)

We will access pure calm in stillness and silence through Meditation

Raise your frequency through chanting

Spend hours soaking in the healing waters of the hot springs. Oh my!

Eat well, laugh and share the joy of being in love

Joy, Love, Light all arise in this resonance.

You are sacred.
May your path be filled with the depth of your own heart.
May all harmony empower your radiance.
Let’s be held by the embrace of Bhakti Love.
Bhakti means to taste, to experience and to immerse yourself deep in devotion.
Devotion to Love.






Vegetarian Lunch

Afternoon tea

Balneotherapy Thermal Mineral Waters from Natural Hot springs (option to stay until 10pm)

Full body clay experience

Ice Fire experience

Turkish Steam Room

Cold plunge pool

Reflexology walk

Hydrojet pool

Even time for nothing

“Small steaming spas hidden around tree-lined corners, in caves and up stone steps mean you can easily find yourself in a world of your own with only the sound of nearby frogs to accompany you.”GT Magazine

The promise: nothing but love

Please bring

Water bottle

For your comfort we provide

One towel
Full length white robe (fit for royalty of course)
A locker
(to use for the day only)

Awaken your senses and nourish your soul in nature.