zaterdag 25 april

WORKSHOP Honoring Stillness
10:00 - 12:00
Kruisvest 5B

Daily life can sometimes be full of fear inducing circumstances.
Some small.Some big.
Change, travel, health scares, being in the midst of difficult relationships,fatigue,worry etc.. makes you feel powerless and fearfull.
How can you find truthfull guidance in your life and strengthen your spiritual practice?
In this workshop i will share authentic tools to help restore
you back to balance.
We will look at ways to ground your spiritual practice into your day to day life.
We will look at fear 'triggers'.
We will explore the possibility of 'shifting' our perception.
I will introduce my favourite guided meditations and energizing breath techniques to awaken your true strength and clear blockages.
Leaving you with a clear sense of direction and inner stillness.
For yogis and non yogis alike.
Open to all.

40 euro
Workshop given by Mounira Bazzi in english