vrijdag 20 maart

Moksha - Embody your Freedom with Simon Rowe   (geannuleerd)
19:00 - 22:00
Kruisvest 5B

For those who love to move and enjoy the transformative power of movement, this is for
you. Take your yoga out of the box and off the mat as you explore your natural sense of
pleasure through movement based practice. During this Moksha evening we dive into a
journey of free-form Ecstatic Flow Yoga, Dynamic Breath work, Movement meditation and
Prana dance.

Enjoy a unique and wonderful journey where music, movement and flow based meditation
meet in harmony. Experience the beautiful music with your whole body, your own
movement and breath giving expression to the rhythms and melodies.
We begin by listening to the breath, moving from there as we release tension, soften our
joints and listen to our bodies. Simon offers exercises and movements that naturally invite
us to relax and ease into into the freedom of movement meditation.
Explore your freedom as we move through dynamic movement sequences then turn up
your own volume and give yourself to the rhythm of Moksha - Freedom!

We close with a heavenly sound bath and heart song kirtan.

Price: 40 euro
If you book the 2 workshops (spring awakening 20 & 21/03) you pay only 80 euro.