zaterdag 21 maart

Radiant Flow Yoga XXL Masterclass with Simon J. Rowe   (geannuleerd)
13:30 - 16:30
Kruisvest 5B

Radiant Flow is a beautiful and graceful flow based style of Yoga that will awaken and
harmonise the flow of your life-energy, ‘Prana’ so that you will feel balanced, uplifted and
radiantly alive! During this workshop Simon offers his teachings of energetic Breath-work
and energetic alignment in flow so you can go deeper and experience a fuller expression
of your poses.
Move on the wave of the breath and feel the pulse of Prana in all of your cells during this
organic sequence that weaves together cycles of asanas, pranayamas and moving
During the workshop we will will also enjoy an asana lab, assisting each other to move
deeper into the poses. Come and enjoy the flow of this Yoga journey that will leave you feeling
lighter, more energised and radiant.
Spring is Sprung ~ Shine On :-)

Price: 50 euro
If you book the 2 workshops (spring awakening 20 & 21/03) you pay only 80 euro.