vrijdag 14 februari

Open Heart workshop   (geannuleerd)
19:00 - 21:00
Kruisvest 5B

Open Heart - this Valentine - the gift of Love!

So much of our time and energy we invest into outside events and people.
Into our relationships, into our work, into our family and friends, our social life, into worrying or making plans for the future or staying stuck in the past.

So often we forget that our outside world is a direct reflection of our inner world.
And the more we ignore and neglect our inner world, the more we will start perceiving the outside world as being unfair, we might start feeling un loved, disconnected, uninspired, hurt.

Soon a feeling of emptiness arises. Or anxiety. Or frustration. Or hopelessness…. and the list could go on.

This is also (and especially) true for Love too.
SO much of our time we spend looking for Love on the outside.
And while Love it is to be found everywhere and in everything because Love IS, we can only understand it and feel it, when we open our heart to it.

The more we grow our capacity to love every aspect of ourselves, the more we will be able to experience love all around us.
People will be drown to us. We start doing things with passion, with compassion.
Life starts to have a meaning.
This is the side effect of self love.

This is the side effect of living an authentic life!

This Friday I invite you to join us for an intimate journey, exploring self love like you have never done it before!
An invitation to be your unique, weird, crazy, out of ordinary, beautiful self: no pretences, no expectations, no judgement!

A taste of what life has to offer when we are not hiding behind the masks, when we are not controlled by guilt, shame or fear.
Freely expressing our desires, needs and fears.
Experience what happens when we allow our heart to open and feel all the emotions without labelling them as good or bad.
Sensuality, pleasure, joy, sadness, anger, madness, disgust, erotic expression… all is welcome.

Discover the beauty in all that is, moment by moment.
Relax into the now, drop expectations, forget about conditioning of what a relation, success, happiness should look like.

In this workshop we will:
- use simple (tantric) exercises that will help us awaken our life energy
- simple yet efficient breathing exercises that will work with our ego and are meant to break through conditionings and blockages.
- breath work that can help us go deeper into our subconscious and unconscious minds relieving and releasing what is holding us back from opening our hearts.
- drink raw, pure cacao, a well know heart opener.
- we dance and shake our body, to help release tension and to connect to our bodies.
- we meditate

Does this sound like something you would like to experience?
Join us!