Monday 29 October

Gentle yoga and Meditation course
18:15 - 19:15
Wivelsfield Church Hall

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. -Charles R. Swindoll

Are you curious about yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and what it can do for you?
For 6 weeks we will explore how gentle movement and quiet reflection affects the mind.

The body-brain connections and interactions affects pretty much everything in our lives. From the sensory-motor connection, for example touch a hot tray and the muscles instantly moves the hand away, to seeing someone smile and have a dose dopamine (feel-good hormone) rush around your body. All of these automatic responses can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed and out of control. 

By spending more time with ourselves we begin to recognize these responses and they start feeling less powerful. As this happens we realize we have a choice in how we react to the world around us. This gives us sense of control and power, raising our sense of self-worth and confidence, allows us to see the bigger picture and to forgive, both ourselves and others, easier. 

This and much more will be explained and explored during the 6 weeks, using gentle movement, mindfulness and meditation.

As always, the "goal" with this course is not to be able to sit still for hours and meditate. But rather to get to know ourselves and learn how to spend energy and attention on what we think is important and helpful rather than on things that are not.

My mindfulness courses tend to sell out quickly so if you have a questions don't hesitate to send me a message, secure your spot by clicking book class.

The price is £60 for the 6 weeks and as mentioned above this gives you free entry to any of my other weekly classes during the course. Payment occurs at the time of booking and is non-refundable.