General terms of Aimee Anne Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition

General Terms and Conditions

All individuals are responsible for supplying their own equipments needed for the practice (Ie; mats, towels, blocks etc)

Private Classes
I acknowledge that sessions/memberships must be paid upfront and in full. There are no refunds under any circumstance. If a change must be made to the schedule, Aimee Anne must be notified 24 hours in advance, no-shows or late cancellations will result in forfeiture of the class. I understand that is cancellations are made on behalf of Aimee Anne, the class will be rescheduled for a later date that is possible for all parties involved.
Please arrive to class on time as classes will finish at scheduled hour regardless of time of arrival.

Group Classes
Group classes will be paid for on a monthly basis. There are no refunds or credits given for missed classes. The participants agrees to give 30 days notice upon cancellation.

Covid 19

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. As a result, federal, provincial, and local governments and federal and provincial health agencies recommend social distancing and have, in many locations, prohibited or limited the congregation of groups of people.

Aimee Anne has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, Aimee Anne cannot guarantee that you or your child(ren) will not become infected with COVID-19. Further, attending classes with Aimee Anne could increase your risk and your child(ren)’s risk of contracting COVID-19.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that my child(ren) and I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending classes with Aimee and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 at yoga classes with Aimee Anne may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself and others, including, but not limited to, Aimee Anne employees, volunteers, and program participants and their families.

I voluntarily agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury to my child(ren) or myself (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that I or my child(ren) may experience or incur in connection with my child(ren)’s attendance in yoga classes or participation in Aimee Anne programming (“Claims”). On my behalf, and on behalf of my children, I hereby release, covenant not to sue, discharge, and hold harmless the Aimee Anne, its employees, agents, and representatives, of and from the Claims, including all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating there to. I understand and agree that this release includes any Claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of Aimee Anne, its employees, agents, and representatives, whether a COVID-19 infection occurs before, during, or after participation in any of Aimee Anne's programs.


I am participating in the yoga classes offered by Aimee Anne during which I will receive information and instruction about yoga. I recognize that yoga requires physical exertion which may be strenuous and may cause or aggravate physical injury and I am fully aware of and willingly assume the risk and hazards involved.

As is the case with any strenuous exercise, I understand that there is a possibility of injury and that it is my responsibility to consult a physician regarding my ability to participate in yoga with Aimee Anne prior to my class at her. I affirm that it is my responsibility to advise Aimee Anne of any physical conditions, which may limit my participation in the classes. Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga practice and/or specific poses are not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions. I am responsible for all personal belongings. Aimee Anne will not be responsible for lost or stolen belongings, inclusive of items stored in mat storage.

This agreement releases Aimee Anne from all liability relating to injuries that may occur during yoga practice conducted online or in person. By signing this agreement, I agree to hold Aimee Anne entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

I also acknowledge the risks involved in Yoga. These include but are not limited to {list risks}. I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity.

By signing below I forfeit all right to bring a suit against Aimee Anne for any reason. In return, I will receive Yoga classes. I will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification when needed.