General Terms & Conditions Mahara Holistic Lifestyle

General Terms & Conditions

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle

Article 1 - Scope

1.1 The General Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to any products
purchased through the Mahara Holistic Lifestyle’s (“Mahara”) webshop and, if
applicable to Mahara’s classes, workshops, memberships, trainings and retreats.
1.2 By participating in a class, workshop, training or retreat at Mahara, you
agree to the applicability of these Terms and Conditions.
1.3 Mahara may from time to time amend these Terms and Conditions. The
most recent version of the Terms and Conditions is always available on our website:
( (“Website”) Mahara will announce any amendments to the
Terms and Conditions in advance by e-mail.

Article 2 - Webshop

2.1 Mahara is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and pays its statutory
contribution to the Dutch Tax Authorities. On our Website you can find the Chamber of Commerce number and VAT number. You will also find our contact details there.
2.2 Our webshop is provided with an SLL certificate. This means that we comply with
all legal requirements regarding the security of your personal data and payment
details, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We strive to continuously improve the security of your data. For more detailed information about the handling and processing of personal data we refer to our Privacy Statement.
2.3 We strive to provide you with excellent service at all times. If you have any doubts
about the purchase of a product or service, we are happy to assist you.

Article 3 - Reflection Period

3.1 After the purchase of a product in the webshop, you have a 14 days reflection period.
If you are dissatisfied about the purchase within this period, you can return the
product to us and receive a refund excluding the shippings costs. The amount paid will then be refunded to your bank account.
3.2 Products returned to Mahara must be in their original packaging.
3.3 There are a number of products that cannot be returned to us. Products that
cannot be returned to us within 14 days are classes, workshops, memberships, trainings and retreats.

Article 4 - The Webshop Agreement

4.1 The agreement between Mahara and the customer for the purchase of a product
becomes final when the customer has agreed to the Terms and Conditions (by ticking the box) and authorized the webshop to debit the money from their account, when the customer has made a payment via bank or Paypal, or when an invoice is sent afterwards to the customer. When the reflection period of 14 days has passed and the payment has been received by the webshop, the customer becomes the owner of the product.
4.2 The agreement has been concluded electronically, by filling in the required fields
and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
4.3 After you have proceeded to purchase, you will receive a written confirmation of
your purchase by email from us. This contains the product you have purchased,
what it costs you and where you can contact us with any complaints or comments
you may have.
4.4 We are obliged to deliver the ordered product to you within 30 days. If, due to
unforeseen circumstances, the product is not available within this period, we will
inform you in writing. After the expiry of these 30 days, you will receive a refund of
any purchase price already paid. This can never be more than 50 percent of the total
purchase amount. However, if you have indicated in advance that a replacement
product is also an option, we will supply you with a replacement product or article
that meets your wishes as much as possible. Of course you can indicate in advance
that you do not want this.
4.5 The delivery of products abroad may take longer than a delivery in the
Netherlands. The costs charged for a shipment to an address abroad will be made
visible when you proceed to purchase the product.

Article 5 - Complaints and Warranty

5.1 Complaints about the delivery of your product must first be reported to us by
Telephone or email. We will be happy to assist you. We will then contact the relevant delivery person regarding the delivery of the product.
5.2 Complaints about the product itself must be reported to us in writing. These
complaints cannot be answered by us personally. Please describe your complaint as
specifically as possible. We will contact the manufacturer or wholesaler and will
mediate on your behalf as an intermediary. If it is within our capabilities, we will
solve the problem for you ourselves.
5.3. Complaints are usually dealt with by us within 14 days. The handling of a complaint
is always done in writing.

Article 6 - Schedule

6.1 The current schedule of the classes, workshops, trainings and retreats is mentioned
on the Website. Mahara reserves the right to change the schedule at any time. If possible, any changes are announced in advance by mentioning them on the Website or by email.
6.2 Mahara reserves the right to cancel a class, workshop, training or retreat that
has been scheduled or to change the teacher mentioned in the schedule in the event
of force Majeure, including illness of the teacher. In this case there will be no refund
of any paid fee.
6.3 Mahara nearly always open her doors, but reserves the right to close its doors on
Public holidays or on other days.

Article 7 - The Price

7.1 The prices for our classes, workshops, memberships, trainings, and retreats, and our
products listed on our webshop always include VAT. The additional shippings costs
to be paid will become visible when you proceed to your purchase.
7.2 The price for services and products stated on the Website cannot change during
your purchase. You pay the amount visible upon payment of the class, workshop,
membership, training, retreat or product. This amount is also confirmed to you,
once you electronically agree to the purchase. In this case, the purchase price will
be stated again prior to processing the payment.

Article 8 - Cancellation

8.1 You may cancel a class 6 hours prior to commencement of the class through
MomoYoga. After cancelling, the credit will automatically be credited to your
membership or class pass.
8.2 You may cancel a workshop or training 1 month prior to commencement
of the workshop or training. A cancellation can be made by sending an e-mail to This workshop or training will then be credited to your account to book a new workshop or training.
8.3 After a minimum of 3 months, a membership may be terminated every month by
sending an e-mail to

Article 9 - Liability

9.1 Attending classes, workshops, trainings and retreats and leaving belongings in the
changing rooms are at your own risk. Mahara accepts no liability for
physical injury, loss or damage relating to attending classes, workshops,
trainings or retreats and leaving belongings in the changing rooms at Mahara.
9.2 Mahara works exclusively with certified teachers and always ensures high-quality
classes. Nonetheless, there is a very small risk of getting injured while participating in a class, workshop, training or retreat. By participating in one of these programs at Mahara, you accept this aforementioned risk. Mahara provides the following guidelines to keep you safe and healthy:
If you are not sure you are healthy or pregnant, consult a doctor before starting movement classes.
If you have an injury or any other physical inconvenience, always inform your teacher about this before starting the yoga class.
Listen to and follow the instructions of the teacher.
Perform the exercises carefully and bear your physical limitations in mind.
Do not perform any exercises that are painful.
Ask questions if you do not understand an exercise.
9.3 Although we strive to only provide correct information on our Website, we are not
liable for any inaccuracy and no rights can be derived therefrom.

Article 10 - Governing Law and Dispute Settlement

10.1 The Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.