Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
Wednesday, September 21 • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Elisabeth Schramm
Elisabeth is a clinical social worker in private practice, integrating various modalities in therapy, along with yoga and mindfulness meditation practices. Her therapy practice is focused on working with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress and life transitions. Her focus in training has been CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), and well as the application of Mindfulness Meditation in Clinical Practice. Elisabeth has also completed training workshops with respect to yoga for anxiety and depression, and has explored practices that are suitable for PTSD. Yoga and mindfulness practices have proven to be of benefit in building self awareness in body, mind and emotion. These practices may be helpful in regulating and processing emotion. Clients and yoga students will often report a feeling of being more balanced, at ease, and a notable shift toward self acceptance and self compassion.
(Formerly Mindful Yoga for Stress and Anxiety) Mindful movement involves bringing attention to our body and breath. Sometimes we will move slowly and gently, and sometimes more vigorously. There will also be periods of relaxation and brief guided meditation. The practices are intended to help to calm body and mind. We will practice ‘interoception’, inviting the attention inward & become curious about this body, with an attitude of kindness and care. This class may be of particular interest to individuals who have participated in MBCT and MBSR courses (some of the practices may feel familiar). Suitable for all levels. You simply need a body and a place to move.
It may be possible to submit a portion of the fee to your private health insurance provider for reimbursement. Please speak to Elisabeth about this directly.