Geetu Vanjani

My journey with yoga has been deeply rooted in my Indian heritage, where I was introduced to its dynamic practice from a young age by my parents. I believe in integrating the philosophical aspects of yoga into the physical practice, viewing the mat as a reflection of our external world. Through my teaching, I aspire to empower yogis to cultivate qualities of calm, equanimity, strength, resilience, and foster a sense of community.

Having worked extensively in the education and mental health sectors, I bring a unique perspective to my yoga classes. My professional practice as a counsellor informs my yoga teaching, and equips me to create inclusive and supportive spaces where individuals feel seen, heard, and able to ebb and flow with the waves of life.

On a personal note, yoga has always been an anchor in my life, whether it is the physical asana practice, or returning to the profound ancient wisdom that guides us through life's messiness. This way of life is for everyone, and the beauty of it is that it is for anyone & everyone.

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