General terms of Cabo Camp Yoga / Baja Moon Yoga

1. BOOKING CLASSES The cost of each regularly scheduled class may be covered by 1, 5, 10 & 15 class packages. If a member, all regularly scheduled classes included in your chosen membership type will have no cost attributed to them. Additional classes, workshops, and events hosted/taught outside of our regularly scheduled classes may be paid for at the time of booking either on our website or in studio before the class's start time. Some classes, workshops, and events will require payment immediately at the time of booking and will indicate such during the booking process.
2. MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT PERIOD Unlimited memberships cannot be cancelled within the first month of activation. Baja Moon Yoga is in no way, under any circumstances, responsible or obligated to pay for member’s insufficient fund penalties, returned checks, and/or over the limit fees. A $30 fee will be charged for all insufficient funds and returned checks.
3. PAYMENT FOR DROP-IN If you wish to pay for classes/workshops /courses/promotions via the pay-as-you-go/drop-in option: Payment for your class/event/workshop may be made by cash, credit card or debit card. Payments can be made online with a credit card or debit card. Payments can be made in person by credit card, debit card, or cash.
4. PAYMENT FOR CLASS PASSES You can purchase a 1, 5, 10 or 15 class pass, online via our website or in person at Baja Moon Yoga. Drop-in/single-class-passes must be used within a 3 month period of the purchase date and, after this period, any unused credits will expire. 5 class passes must be used within a 6 month period of the purchase date and, after this period, any unused credits will expire. 10 class passes must be used within a 12 month period of the purchase date and, after this period, any unused credits will expire. 15 class passes must be used within a 12 month period and, after this period, any unused credits will expire. Class passes are assigned to individual client accounts and cannot be shared between clients. Passes cannot be suspended or extended.
5. CANCELLING YOUR BOOKING, LATE CANCELLATIONS + NO SHOWS You may cancel your booking without charge. If you are on a 5, 10 or 15 class pass, or have paid a drop-in fee, upon a no-show or late arrival to a booked class, the credit will not be used and remain on your account. If you have paid for a special class, workshop or course hosted/taught outside of our regularly scheduled classes, we may offer you the option to apply all or part of the price paid for the class towards the payment of another special class, workshop, event, or class package.
6. MAKING A CHANGE TO YOUR BOOKING You may change your booking for a class, up to 2 hours before the start of your class/course/workshop that you have booked. You may change or cancel a class booking online, through email, by telephone, or in person
7. IF WE CANCEL YOUR BOOKING In the event that we cancel a class or classes that you have booked, we will contact you by email or telephone to let you know. At the time of cancellation we will offer you the choice between: 1. crediting your account with the price of the cancelled class; or 2. being transferred to a class at an alternative date and time.
8. BOOKING CONFIRMATION Your booking is not complete until you have received a booking confirmation via email from us. Please make sure you receive a booking confirmation before you attend the class. If you do not receive confirmation please contact us by phone, e-mail, or in person through the receptionist on duty . Prices are subject to change at any time before we accept your booking. All classes are subject to availability. We do not guarantee availability at any time.
9. CHANGE OF PRICES We reserve the right to review and change the price of our classes and memberships at our sole and absolute discretion.Your monthly Membership Fees will remain the same as your Membership start date throughout your contracted period. Once your contract period has come to an end the Membership Fee will be charged at the rate at the time of the renewal.
10. PAYMENT Payment for one-month unlimited memberships and promotional packages may be made by cash, credit or debit card. Payment for one-year memberships must be made by debit or credit card. Your membership fees for the one-year membership will be payable each month of your contract period and will become due monthly on the date that you begin your membership. If you sign up online or in studio for a one-year membership, you must pay your first month's payment upfront by debit or credit card. Your membership fees will then be payable each month of your contract period and will become due on the same date each month which may vary depending upon the date you signed up.
11. NON-PAYMENT OF FEES If your Membership Fees become overdue, we reserve the right to refuse you entry into our studio/classes/courses/workshops until the overdue sums are paid in full. Should you default on payments to us, we reserve the right to notify the default to a credit reference agency or other third party to obtain payment from you.
12. CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP In order to terminate your membership, you must give us a minimum of 30 days’ notice via e-mail. If you cancel your membership before the contracted duration, we may determine if an additional fee must be paid; additional fee may be waived if reasons for cancellation are deemed sufficient by BMY & CCY management. BMY/ CCY is committed to the safety and welfare of yoga students and staff and will not tolerate unreasonable, threatening, obscene, harassing, indecent or illegal behavior. Bodhi Yoga has the right to judge behavior and respond accordingly. This right includes, but is not limited to, termination of membership and/or cancellation of class passes without refund of any student engaging in unacceptable behavior. Yoga students who do not observe BMY/CCY rules and regulations or who abuse equipment in any fashion will be asked to leave. BMY/CCY reserves the right to terminate memberships or class passes of anyone who refuses to observe any of BMYs rules. Not all rules are listed in these terms. BMY/CCY reserves the right to add, change or remove rules and conditions of membership. BMY/CCY reserves the right to add, change or remove rules and conditions of participation in classes, workshops and activities hosted at BMY/CCY.
13. HOW YOU SHOULD CONTACT US Any written notice or completed form (eg. Request to Freeze Membership) should be e-mailed to the studio: You may change or cancel a class booking by phone, or in person at the studio.
14. FORCE MAJUEURE We shall not be liable to you or deemed to be in breach of these terms by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of our obligations in relation to these Terms, if the delay was due to any cause beyond reasonable control, including, but not limited to, Acts of God, explosion, flood, storm, fire, war or threat of war, riot, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance, restrictions, regulations, by-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any government, parliamentary, or local authority, strikes, lockouts or other industrial action or trade disputes (whether involving our employees or those of any third party), I.T, viruses, COVID, difficulties in obtaining raw materials, labor, fuel, parts or machinery, power failure or breakdown in machinery.
15. WAIVER No delay or failure by either party to exercise any of its powers, rights or remedies under these Terms will operate a waiver of them, nor will any single or partial exercise of any such powers, rights or remedies preclude any other or further exercise of them. Any waiver to be effective must be in writing.
16. SEVERABILITY If any part of these Terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction or other competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part will be severed from these Terms, the remainder of which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
17. ENTIRE AGREEMENT These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties and shall have effect to the exclusion of any other memorandum, agreement, or understanding of any kind, whether oral or written, between parties.
18. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Mexico law and the parties hereby agree to submit the exclusive jurisdiction of Mexico.

Policy Update
All students are not required to register for classes online or at the studio before attending. Considering our classes will be restricted to thirteen (20 students, we can accommodate any last-minute drop-ins.

We highly encourage you to purchase your own mat now if you've been borrowing one previously. Going forward, mat rentals will now cost $5. The studio's yoga props will no longer be available to borrow outside the studio. Those poses that require a strap will still be taught; the instructor will simply adapt those particular poses to allow for practice without a strap as well.

If for any reason you feel anxious or uncomfortable during class, don't hesitate to exit immediately without permission or prior notification. BMY/CCY has always been and remains an accepting environment reserved for personal growth, not personal judgment. We want you to feel comfortable practicing yoga in our space. While there are countless studies measuring a decrease in anxiety and stress with a consistent yoga practice, we are still all human and this current predicament certainly hasn't helped. If you need to leave, no worries. Quietly step out and we'll see you next time.

Dulce C.