Basis Yoga - English
Donderdag, 8 december • 18:30 - 20:00
Evelien Eefting
This is a basic yoga class

With the basic yoga class you take your first steps on the Raja Yoga path, an 8 fold path that eventually brings you back in touch with yourself, the soul. You practice yoga postures, meditation and yoga philosophy. You start with the basics and experience is not necessary. There are 36 unique basic yoga classes in a year. You work on your health, your energy balance, it increases your consciousness and the classes give you insight into the yoga path.

Each week the lesson is built around a new theme, aimed at balancing your body, your energy and your mind. In the class you learn to perform yoga postures, according to the Iyengar principle, with attention and you learn how to clean your energy channels. In addition, Anapana, a concentration method aimed at observing your breath, helps you to find more stillness within yourself. At the end of the lesson there is time for tea and questions

You can join the class at any time during the year. A lesson lasts an hour and a half and costs 15 euros. At the end of the month you will receive an invoice for the lessons you have followed.

If you have regularly followed the basic lessons for a year, you can move on to the advanced lessons or to the self-realization course 4.