Sunday 30 August

Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion for Newcomers - Opening Workshop
Bhumi Yoga
10:00 - 12:00
Bhumi Yoga
Bhumi Yoga

We welcome all with a serious interest in yoga, personal growth, all who seek more space, peace and strength in body and mind to this special course. You need to be able to commit to joining our morning practice three times a week, a practice takes about 1h,

No previous yoga experience is required. We are a community of dedicated practitioners of diverse backgrounds, ages and bodies. Everyone is welcome, all fit in,  5 spaces are offered.

This immersion entails - in the period of 30 August - 29 September:
* Comprehensive Opening Workshop to Ashtanga Mysore (yoga philosophy, pranayama, foundations of posture practice). Date: 30.8., 10.00-12.00h
*13 Ashtanga Mysore classes (Develop a life-supporting yoga practice under one-on-one guidance)
*Experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice
*Being part of an inspiring and supportive group of practitioners

This opening workshop is given by Peter and Thian.