General terms of Carla Koopal &

Welcome Dear Yogi/ni :)

...My Greatest Joy in Life besides Music & Feeling Uplifted in the Service to Humanity, is sharing my Yoga Journey with You via my Class Offerings.
...Because I am also a Certified Yoga Therapist & Pain Relief Specialist, at the start of each class I'll be asking if anyone has any specific requests for our time together, and am open to requests regarding your *Mind * Body* Spirit.
...After each class I commit to being personally available for any comments, concerns & questions face-to-face for 15 minutes. Above all, I love learning what worked for You in class, so I can repeat it! You are also welcome to leave these in the chat (with your email please, if it begs a reply).
...I deeply believe we can Co-Create a Better World together, and am interested in the Caring & Sharing humans are capable of: I love thinking of our gatherings as a like-minded community of mutual support.
...I Look Forward to seeing You my friend, in Yoga Class:

With a Bow from My Heart to Yours 3~ Carla Koopal (Anandi Shakti)