Reset, Nourish, Refresh Online Virtual Retreat
Online Private
Friday, 1 October • 18:00 - 20:00
Andrea Vannini
Imagine If..

You could in one weekend, in the comfort of your home and with my guidance with different Yoga Tools..

1.Connect with your inner teacher/compass, quiet your mind and open your heart
2.Ground yourself to be in the present moment (not thinking about your phone, emails, clients, appointments..)
3. Open, strengthen and nourish your body, mind and heart
4. Reset your nervous system in 2.5 days to rejuvenate and use the Energy/ Life force (Prana) you normally use to overthink, overwork and overdo to actually nourish yourself.
5. Connect with other strong and passion-driven women that loves to support and cheers for each other.

How would you feel? I am smiling while I write this, because I think about the face of my students at the end of a retreat: a relaxed, smooth and glowing face.

We, as strong and passion-driven women, have a huge heart, lot of energy, love to engage, find solutions and give, give and give but..we forgets about ourselves, we start to experience tightness and tensions and seems that we can’t stop our busyness and hustle.

When we feel we have reached that point of saturation we need to disconnect from the source of stress, breathe, move the body and reset the nervous system.

And this is WHY I created this Online Virtual Retreat:

FRIDAY- 1st of October

18:00 Opening Ceremony, Introduction + Creating our Sacred Space

18:30/20:00 BreathWork | Journaling

20:00 Dinner, Time for Silence, Tee, Contemplation

SATURDAY 2nd of October

07:00/09:00 Time for Morning Walk, Coffee and a very light breakfast (please don’t look at your phone)

09:00/11:00 Morning Flow Practice | Ground, Squeeze and Reconnect

11:00/13:00 Lunch & Rest

13:00/15:00 Talk Cyclical Living | Feedback, Group Support

16:00/18:00 Rocket Yoga | Open your Heart and Elevate your Energy

Time to Integrate, Rest, Sleep!

SUNDAY 3rd of October

07:00/09:00 Time for Morning Walk, Coffee and a very light breakfast (please don’t look at your phone)

09:00/11:00 Yin Yoga

11:00/13:00 Lunch & Rest

13:00/15:00 Meditation| Setting up the intentions for the after Retreat

16:00/17:00 Yoga Nidra

17:30 Closing Ceremony (prepare a candle, flowers and incense)

We will meet in zoom, always using the same link. Replays available in a protected and private page of Corpo Giardino - Yoga Practices.

I can't wait to see you there!

with gratitude


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