Kundalini Breathwork
Wednesday, March 15 • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Winter Harvey
Winter is a spiritual adventurer who helps people connect with the Divinity that exists everywhere. She earned a 500-hr teaching certification in Hatha yoga with an emphasis on bhakti philosophy at the Center for Yogic Studies at Krishna Village in Australia. Winter earned a second 500-hr teaching certification in the Shamanic Arts & Kuala Tantra yoga while studying at Durga's Tiger School in Ecuador. Shortly after, she was initiated as a Tribal Detox Kambo practitioner and now serves the Amazonian jungle medicine during private healing ceremonies. She has assisted and co-led several yoga teacher trainings and has guided yoga and breathwork journeys at conferences, resorts, and retreat centers around the world. Her mission is to help people find peace through simple living and daily spiritual practice. A dreamer and doer, Winter and her husband are moving to Costa Rica next year to live in a thriving eco-yoga community
In this journey - you'll be guided through 7 rounds of stimulating bellows breath, kumbhaka, bija mantra, and guided meditation.

For the active part of the session, you'll practice The Stimulating Breath (also called Bellows Breathing, or Bhastrika) which is a traditional yoga breathing technique used to energize the body, increase alertness and clarify the mind. As you breathe, you'll be guided through a progressive visualization of the energy centers of the body to awaken the primal life force that resides at the root of your being.

A lot can happen during this breathwork session - huge emotional purges and spontaneous spiritual awakenings are not uncommon.

*Not advised for pregnancy or anyone with major heart/respiratory concerns.