Breath work and Meditation
Maandag, 1 augustus • 20:00 - 21:00
Dhyan Meinoud Rijnen
(For English below)

Ben je opzoek naar diepe ontspanning en geen stress.

Je gaat o.a. gebruik maken van Pranayama, meditatie plus een paar staande oefeningen. Pranayama wordt ook wel yogi ademwerk genoemd. Pranayama helpt je geest rustig te maken.

Vaak is de klas in het Engels.

Are you feeling stressed or tired? Maybe even you find it difficult to sleep?
Everybody has that sometimes.
This class will help you to relax and to de-stress. After the class, you can sleep very well.

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Pranayama also called yogi Breathwork, helps you to quiet the mind. During this class, you use different techniques and variations on these techniques. They are to support you and go deeper into meditation.

Meditation helps you to de-identify with all the stories you follow in your head.

Benefits of this class:
Learn different techniques which you can use at home to quiet the mind.
Open and connected.
Feeling of happiness.
Grounded and energized.

Safety: This class is not for pregnant people. We will use (long) breath retention.
This class is for advanced practitioners. Amsterdam time: 20:00 till 21:30 PM