General terms of Dhyan Meinoud Yoga and Meditation

Article 1: Definitions

1.1. General Terms and Conditions: The general terms and conditions used by Stilteweekend / DHYANMEINOUD, have been published at the website

1.2. Stilteweekend is registered in the KvK (Trade Register) under 75678144 and is located at Blankenstraat 200, Amsterdam.

1.3. Participant, the person who attends yoga classes, workshops, training at or provided by Stilteweekend.

1.4. Agreement; agreement between the participant and Stilteweekend is concluded by payment of the participant for yoga classes, workshop, training by Stilteweekend.

1.5. Registration form; form to apply for a monthly membership and to be filled out and signed by a participant in order to provide information and to authorise Stilteweekend to collect contribution by automatic payment.

1.6. Membership; the membership for attending yoga classes at Stilteweekend / dhyanmeinoud yoga and meditation, issued or to be issued by Stilteweekend/ dhyanmeinoud and paid or to be paid by the Student.

1.7 Single class; a single yoga class at stilteweekend to be attended and paid by the participant at the registration desk before attending the class, different from membership.

1.8 Price; total price of the yogaclass, workshop or (teacher) Training including vat form 1 of April 2021 is the VAT verlegd,