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Designer / UX Designer

Tilburg (the Netherlands)

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Designer / UX Designer at Momoyoga. Work at a fast-growing SaaS company, making studio software that is intuitive and crazy-easy in use.

"We help yoga teachers worldwide find balance in studio management."

At Momoyoga we are a relatively small team, but we have some big dreams. Our mission? To help people find balance. Helping yoga studios around the world by creating the best management software. And with this, we need your help. We are searching for the right person to join us in our quest to conquer the (yoga) world.

We are a creative and product-customer-minded team. We are ambitious though modest. We value the individual behind every team member. We want to build a great product, but also create a great working environment where we enjoy working together and growing the company.

What is the challenge? 🚀

Studio software may not say that much to you. Well, let’s get you up speed. While you were reading the first bits of this job description, users from Australia to Alaska have been booking and paying for yoga classes using our software. Studio owners have been creating new class schedules and new customers hopped right on our onboarding train. Our service is powerful, yet obsessive user friendly. At Momoyoga we love to make things beautiful and simple. We design and create software that is intuitive and crazy-easy in use. We continuously improve and want to make each bit of every interface as human friendly as possible.

That's why we are looking for a Designer / UX Designer to join the team.

What am I going to do? 🤔

  • You will concept new features and improvements.
  • You will create UX designs based on user stories and customer feedback.
  • You will design and improve interfaces on our core product.
  • You will work on the mobile app, the student’s interfaces, our corporate website, the admin dashboard, and much more.
  • You will work together with other designers and developers.
  • You will work together with the other teams. For example, enriching communication to our international customers.

Who do I work together with? 👩‍💻🧑🏻‍💻

You will work directly with everyone in the Product team. This team currently holds four developers and one designer. Next, you will be in direct contact with the Customer Success and Growth team. As Momoyoga still is a relatively small company, you’ll basically work with everyone. Some of our weekly and monthly events are all-company gatherings.

What skills do I need? 📋

We are looking for that candidate who loves to make things simple and beautiful. Who loves to work at a human tech company.

  • Someone with an eye for detail. Who is pixel perfect and has a true passion for interface design.
  • Someone with a strong online portfolio. Who has substantial relevant work experience.
  • Someone who can position him-/herself as one of our customers or end-users.
  • Someone who can work independently, but is also a team player.
  • Someone who is flexible, and can handle change being our daily business.
  • Someone who is productive and can work towards measurable goals.
  • Someone who understands we are creating products and services that are actually being used. By real people. 24/7. Worldwide.
  • Someone energetic, someone who can motivate others in the team to get into a ‘do better for our customers - mindset’.
  • Someone who enjoys freedom and flexibility in his/her working environment and can manage this freedom, and time effectively. You should be comfortable working in the office, from your home, or your holiday address. The main consideration is to stay focused and goal-orientated in your work approach.
  • Someone who can manage to organize their own time, having a lot of freedom, but taking serious responsibility.
  • Someone careful, accurate, and complete. Someone who reads all these bullets.

What can I expect? 🙏

In addition to a good salary and a healthy lunch when in the office, you also get:

  • MacBook Pro (available for private use too) and other gear needed
  • Travel costs
  • Flexible holiday leave
  • Flexible remote working
  • No set office hours

Meet the team 👏


Team size: 12
% Female / Male: 50 / 50
Nationalities: 4
Main language: English

Is this role only full-time? Can I work remotely?

The role is full-time. You can work from home, though also should be available to come to our offices now and then. These are based in Tilburg (the Netherlands). Because we're a relatively small, tight-knit team, working in one place helps us go faster and solve complex problems together, as change in both product and strategic course still is 'daily business’ at Momoyoga.

How to Apply

Sound like a good fit for you? Don’t hesitate and email Joost directly.

Last updated: June 21, 2021