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1 teacher

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$ 30 / month

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  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited yogis
  • Unlimited memberships
  • Online and pre-recorded classes
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  • iOS and Android app for yogis
  • Integrate Zoom
  • Email automation
  • Export data
  • Generate invoices
  • Website integration
  • Waitlist

Frequently asked questions

Can I get started right away?

Create a trial account and try Momoyoga for free for 30 days. You don't need guidance or training to get started with Momoyoga.

Can I import my current members?

We'll gladly help you load your current member list into Momoyoga. Send us a member list in (for example) Excel format to Download a member list template. Read more about the importing process in our Help Center.

What happens after 30 days?

After 30 days, we'll ask you if you want to continue using Momoyoga. No strings attached—if you don't take action, your account will expire automatically. Only when you indicate that you want to continue using Momoyoga, your account will remain active.

How can I pay after 30 days?

If you decide to continue using Momoyoga after 30 days, you can activate your account. From that moment on, you'll pay 25 per month and 5 extra on top of every teacher you add. No contracts, installation costs, or other hidden fees.

What's the rate for multiple teachers?

If you're an independent yoga teacher, you'll pay the standard 25 per month. In case you decide to expand and add teachers to your studio, you'll pay 5 extra on top of every teacher you add. When you go annual, you'll save 20% on both the standard price and the number of teachers you add. We don't charge any additional fees for the number of classes, yogis, or memberships. Momoyoga is an affordable booking system.

What about if I purchase an annual subscription?

You can purchase annual subscriptions with a 20% discount. If you're an independent yoga teacher and you go annual, you'll pay 20 per month instead of the standard 25. As a yoga studio, you'll also save an extra 20% on top of every teacher you add. Although you don't have to decide right away. You can switch from monthly to annual billing at any time.

Is VAT included?

Customers within the EU will be charged the VAT applicable for your country on top of the above mentioned price, unless you supply a valid EU TAX ID. Countries outside of the EU won’t be charged VAT.

How can I cancel my Momoyoga account?

You can cancel your Momoyoga account at any time. There is a cancellation notice period of one month. This is the case whether you pay monthly or annually.

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