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Using class series

A series of classes is a method that many yoga studios use and is easily entered within Momoyoga.

Suppose you have a 10-week series of classes. Every 10 weeks, a new block starts, which includes new bookings of 'regular yogis'. You register all 'regular yogis' once manually for this series of classes.

You can do this with the following steps. Start by adding the series of classes:

Go to Classes
Click Add class
Complete the form as required
Fill in the date of the first class in the series
Select Weekly on
Enter Repeat ends in for example, after 10 times
Click Submit

The series of 10 classes is created.

Now you can register the 'regular yogis' for the series of classes.

It is important that you ensure that these 'regular yogis' all have a package of 10 class credits.

Register all 'regular yogis' manually for the series of classes

Go to Classes
Select relevant (first) class
Select yogi at Add participant
Select All classes in the series
Click Add

The yogi is now registered for all 10 classes. Also his or her package (of 10 classes) is applied toward this series of classes.

When the yogi cancels a class, +1 class credit will be added again. This allows the yogi to book a new, additional class.

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