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Connect your PayPal account with Momoyoga

With Momoyoga, your yogis can easily pay for classes with their PayPal account or with a credit card.

If your studio has a PayPal account connected with Momoyoga, your yogi will be given the option to pay through PayPal or with a credit card when purchasing a subscription.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one via the PayPal website.

To accept PayPal payments for your yoga studio, you need to copy your PayPal account API details into Momoyoga.

First, login to PayPal via

Lookup your API details:

Click on Profile (right top of screen)
Click Profile and settings
In the left menu, click My selling tools
In the Selling online section, look for API access and click Update on the right side of the screen
In the NVP/SOAP API integration section, click on View API Signature
A new screen opens
Click on Show, right next to API Username
Copy and save the API Username to a secure location
Click on Show, right next to API Password
Copy and save the API Password to a secure location
Click on Show, right next to Signature
Copy and save the Signature to a secure location

Now you have gathered most of the required data to connect your PayPal account with Momoyoga.

Only one thing remains. You need to create a new PayPal App, which refers to the usage of your PayPal account in your Momoyoga 'shop'.

To create a PayPal App, first login to PayPal. Then follow these steps:

Go to
Login if you are not yet (still) logged in
Click on Dashboard in the right top of screen
Click on My Apps & Credentials if you are not already on this page
Scroll down and look for the NVP/SOAP API apps section
Click on Manage NVP/SOAP API apps
A new screen opens

If you can not find the PayPal page as described above, try logging into Paypal Apps directly.

Click Login with PayPal
Enter your PayPal account details, click Login
In the My Applications section, click New App
In the App Information section, fill out your yoga studio's title or schedule name, i.e. 'Yoga Namaste's schedule'
For description, use the text below, or something similar, if you wish:

Yoga studio scheduling application. Our members can book and pay for yoga classes online. We want to add PayPal payments to provide our clients a fast and reliable way to pay directly online.

In the Services used by app section, fill out the Step by Step Payment Flows Instructions with the text below:

Go to
Click Login
Enter your user credentials (user: YOURYOGIACCOUNT pass: YOURYOGIPASSWORD)

Click on My Schedule
Click the Buy subscription or credits button
Choose any product above $1
Click the Confirm button

Click PayPal payment method

Click Submit App

Your PayPal App is now created.
In the My Applications section, you now find your new PayPal App.
Copy and save the Live App ID to a secure location.

Congratulations! You have gathered all required data from your PayPal account. This is:

- API Username
- API Password
- Signature
- PayPal Live App ID

Now it is time to connect your account with Momoyoga. Go back to Momoyoga ( and login to your account.

Go to More
Click on Payment settings
Select Accept online payments
Paste your API Username, API Password, Signature and PayPal Live App ID to the respective fields
Click Submit

Your PayPal account is now connected with Momoyoga. You are ready to receive online payments from your yogis.

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