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Adding a subscription

Adding a new subscription is easy:

Go to More
Click Configure subscriptions
Click Add new subscription
Enter fields below:
Name (For example '3 months Hatha Yoga')
Price in $ (enter price including VAT)
and Valid for

Select Recurring subscription to automatically renew and repeat this subscription. The yogi initially pays for the first month. Future payments are handled in accordance with the terms set out by the yoga studio, for example through automatic collection on credit card, or by cash payment in the yoga studio.

Select Remind automatically to re-offer this subscription to the yogi 7 days before it expires.

The yogi will receive an email with a link to buy this subscription again.

Note: The options Recurring subscriptions and Remind automatically cannot be activated simultaneously. Either a subscription is truly recurring (continuous) or it is a one-time subscription. For a one-time subscription, a reminder can be sent.

Select Yogis can buy this subscription online to make this subscription available for purchase via the online schedule of your yoga studio.

Select Yogis can buy this subscription only once if this subscription can only be bought by a yogi once. For example a subscription for a free trial lesson or special offer.

Click Submit

The subscription type is now added to your offering.

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