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Automatically offer a subscription renewal to a yogi

Momoyoga can remind your yogis when their subscriptions are about to expire. The yogis will then receive an email, including a link to purchase the subscription renewal directly.

The purchase of the subscription renewal is only activated when the yogi confirms it.

Note: if you are looking to use continuous (recurring) subscriptions, take a look at the Recurring subscriptions topic in this chapter of the Momoyoga Help center.

To automatically remind a yogi of a subscription's expiration:

Go to More
Click Configure subscriptions
Click Add new subscription (or click and update an existing subscription)
Enter or update the required fields.
Select Remind automatically
Click Submit

The subscription is now added to the offering. Yogis using this subscription, will be reminded of its expiration and offered the opportunity to renew 7 days before the expiration date.

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