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Recurring (continuous) subscription

You can offer yogis the option to pay for your classes in many different ways. For instance using credits, or a (monthly) subscription.

Using Momoyoga, you can configure a recurring subscription as well. This type of subscription is typical, for example, let's say classes every Wednesday night at 8 pm.

In this particular example, a yearly subscription (12 months) paid per month would suit the situation perfectly.

The subscription is valid for 12 months. After expiration, a new subscription (of the same type) is created for the next 12 months, and so on.

When a recurring subscription is first purchased by a yogi, he or she will be asked to pay for the first month directly. Ongoing payments will be processed in accordance with the yoga studio's policy. For instance through automatic collection on credit card, or cash payment at the yoga studio.

To add a recurring subscription to your offering:

Go to More
Click Configure subscriptions
Click Add new subscription
Enter fields below:
Name (For example '3 months Hatha Yoga')
Price in $ (enter price including VAT)
and Valid for

Select option Recurring subscription

Click Submit

The subscription type is now added to your offering.

When a recurring subscription is purchased by a yogi, the studio will be notified through email in order to facilitate the arrangements for ongoing payments (month 2 and forward).

If you collect the monthly subscription fees from yogis directly from their credit or debit cards, you will need to have a legal form available. Make this form available on your website, in print at your studio, or send it via email after a recurring subscription is purchased.

Are you not using automatic payment collection, but would like to add this payment options to your yoga studio? You can contact your local bank and ask which options you have for your account. You can also outsource the collection of repetitive payments to a third party specializing in this service. You can look into services like Electronic Collections of the US Bank or 3rd party software solutions like Adyen.

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