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Getting started

You can use Momoyoga in many ways to simplify the administration and management of your yoga studio.

The most basic way to use Momoyoga is to use the software in managing only member- and class registrations. This basic use of Momoyoga will save you enormous amounts of time and will give you peace of mind. You get a good understanding of the basics of your yoga studio, anytime, and anywhere.

A advanced use of Momoyoga is to process all payments, attendance, teachers, administration and billing through the software.

There are no additional costs or plans required to use Momoyoga's enhanced features.

We advise new users to start simple. It helps when both studios and yogis first get familiar with Momoyoga in managing the yoga studio's administration. This holds true for all users involved: the administrator, teachers and the yogis. Taking it from there, you can gradually implement more of the functionality of Momoyoga into your yoga studio.

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