Help center How to use Momoyoga? Which plan suits my yoga studio best?

Which plan suits my yoga studio best?

Momoyoga is simple. You have two plans to choose from: 

  • an Independent Yoga Teacher Plan

  • a Yoga School Plan

Using the Yoga school plan, several teachers get access to Momoyoga. The administrator can add an unlimited number of teacher accounts. The teachers receive personal login details. Teachers have limited authorization and have access to fewer features than administrators do.

Using an Independent Yoga Teacher Plan, only one user is granted access to Momoyoga (one account for both teacher and administrator). The class schedule shows one teacher for each class. Using the Yoga School Plan, it is possible to select a different teacher for each class.

Upgrading from one plan to another is easy. So is downgrading from the Yoga School Plan to an Independent Yoga Teacher Plan. Either plan can be used at any time.

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