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Adding a yogi to a class

Yogis can self-register through the online schedule and book and cancel classes. In addition, teachers can manually add yogis and book them directly in a class.

To add a yogi to a class:

Go to Classes
Click the relevant class where you would like to register a yogi
Click Add participant on Select yogi
Find the yogi who you would like to add
Check as applicable: this class, all classes in the series, this class and all the next ones
Click Add

The yogi has now been added to the class.

When the yogi has no valid subscription or package, you will get a notification before the yogi will be added to the class. This protects you from accidentally adding a yogi who has no valid method of payment. Click on Subscribe and the yogi will be added to the class without paying.

If the yogi purchases a subscription or package later, it is not automatically used for this class. For this, you will have to first remove the yogi from the class and then add him again.

Should a new yogi just walk into a class, then it is best to add a new yogi from the actual class page and not through the usual Yogis page. This allows you to arrange all the data within one single screen.

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