Yoga Flow | 75 min | Live via Zoom 🎥
online class
Sunday, 29 May • 09:30 - 10:45
Boban Krstic
Yoga is like a dance through my soul. A path of discovery. A way of life that feeds my natural spontaneity and intuition. My dance background has shaped who I am. It has brought me flexibility. Not only in my body but as a human being. It has taught me to adapt to situations and environments, to move with whatever comes my way.
EN: Yoga Flow is Vinyasa style of yoga class with the elements of Pralaya Yoga. Dynamic Flow sequence in connection with the breath. This combination of physical, energetic and mental balance throughout the poses forms the basis.

NL: Dit is een Dynamische vorm van Yogales in combinatie met Pralaya Yoga elementen. De flow van de serie, balans, ademhaling en souplesse staan hierin centraal. Er is ruimte om jezelf uit te dagen, waarbij respect voor je lichaam en jezelf altijd het uitgangspunt is.