General Terms and Conditions

All classes must be paid for in advance and are considered non-refundable after purchase. All bookings must be cancelled up to 6 hours before the start of a class or this will be treated as a “late cancellation”. If you fail to turn up for the class booked or reschedule more than 6 hours before the class booked, this will be treated as a “No Show”. A “Late Cancellation” or “No Show” will result in loss of a credit from a class pass, or a penalty for unlimited memberships if the class is full, preventing clients on the waiting list from booking. We will do our best to get you into your chosen class however classes are always subject to availability. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule at its discretion.

The studio is not manned during the day and is open approx. 10-15 either side of class times for the teachers to facilitate client arrival and preparing for class. You must check in with the teacher at least 10 minutes before the start of your class to get ready for the class. Every class starts promptly, and the Studio’s door is locked before the start of class and for the duration of said class. This is for security reasons but also to allow those clients who have arrived on time to benefit from the full class they have booked.

Unless agreed by the Director of Hot Yoga Newcastle, Class Passes are for use by the person named on the Class Pass only and cannot be shared with, or transferred to any another person.

Each Client upon taking part in a class accepts these Terms and Conditions and on each occasion that the clients uses the Studio that the client is in good physical condition and that the client knows of no medical or other condition why the client is not capable of engaging in the class that they have booked or exercises provided by Hot Yoga Newcastle and that such classes or exercises would not be detrimental to the client’s health, safety or physical condition.

Clients are requested to wear a form of dress appropriate to the practise of yoga and the full range of movement that constitutes a hot yoga class. Underpants, thongs underneath tights, swimming costumes and similar are not considered as appropriate. Footwear should be removed on entry to the premises and left either in the storage area or lockers provided in accordance with instructions.

Hot Yoga Newcastle reserves the right to terminate with immediate effect, withdraw, suspend or refuse to renew the membership or class pass of any Client whose conduct is, or may be deemed to be in Hot Yoga Newcastle’s reasonable opinion, damaging to the character of the Studio or acts or behaves in an aggressive or disrespectful manner towards any HYNCL students or teachers. This amounts to a breach of the Terms and Conditions or where such expulsion is otherwise to be in the interests of the other Clients of the Studio. Any Client so expelled shall forfeit all privileges to membership and purchase of any other classes or class passes/packages and shall not be entitled to any refund for any period during which his/her membership or class package is suspended or terminated.

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