Wake up and Mandala Flow
online class
Sunday, 9 May • 09:30 - 10:15
Zoom Online
Julia Krajnakova
This is normally Saturday morning session. As it is Sunday, we will take it slower but still circling in 360 degrees around the mat, with fluid movements of Mandala Vinyasa Sequences to bring heat in the body and space in the mind.

Starting and ending a practice with Yin pose and focusing on chosen Element - bringing a connection between you and the Element of the universe. - Earth, Water, Fire or Air. Each of the element have corresponding Chakra and group of muscles.

Suitable more for those who have some previous experience in yoga. Not necessarily in Mandala style but more so as your regular yoga practice. If you are new to this style, join us anyway. We will move very slow so we have a chance to bring an awareness towards the breath and transition.

2 yoga blocks
a bolster
a cushion ( or cushion additional cushion instead )