General terms and conditions

Class Prices
Drop in Class - €12
2 class pass - €24 (4 week expiry)
5 class pass - €55 (6 week expiry)
10 class pass - €100 (8 week expiry)
Sunday Classes - €15
Workshops - €25
Private Class - €50
10 Private Classes - €350 (classes that are taken consecutively once per week for ten weeks or twice per week for five weeks)

Terms and Conditions
By reserving your place in a class and by purchasing a class pass you agree to the terms and conditions of Livin' off the Hook laid out below. 

We have no contract or joining fee however we have a very simple booking system that allows you to register and book classes. It also allows you to manage your own class usage, you will know how many classes you have remaining and when your pass will expire.
You are responsible for choosing the appropriate package that works for your schedule. All class passes sold have an expiry from the date you set on booking or from the first class booked on that pass. Class passes cannot be transferred, refunded or extended.
The multiple class passes allows for attendance at all classes excluding Workshops, Sunday classes or special events which can be booked separately. All prices listed above are vat inclusive.
Class cancellations for in person classes later than 24 hours prior to class start time will not be refunded or credited. If you cancel your class on the booking system at least 24 hours before the class is due to start you will be reissued your class pass to carry forward to a different class.
Class cancellations for online classes later than 2 hours prior class start time will not be refunded or credited. If you cancel your online class at least 2 hours before the class start time you will be reissued your class pass to carry forward to a different class.
Your class pass starts from the date you set when purchasing or from the first class you book and your pass will expire within the indicated time. You will receive a notification one week before your class pass expires.
Classes can be booked online and paid for in studio via cash or paid online via credit/debit card or PayPal (We do not retain your card details). This pay in studio is a handy option for many people so if you book online and opt for the pay in studio option then you cancel last minute or do not turn up you should pay for your place or lose a class pass on your next booking.
If a class is listed a full there is an option to join the waitlist. In the event of a cancellation and when a space becomes available in class four hours or more prior to the class start time, the booking system will email the people on the waitlist a notification of a cancellation so that space can be taken on a first come first served basis. Spaces resulting from cancellations can’t always be filled at short notice. Therefore, late cancellations will not be refunded.
In the unlikely event that the class is cancelled you will receive as much notice as possible by email, and your class pass will be reissued to use at a future date.
Yoga, breath-work and exercise are generally a very safe activities with many mental and physical benefits however, if you are unsure as to whether or not you should practice yoga or train with us due to health problems please consult your doctor. 
Participants must be aware of the physical risks involved with joining our yoga, breathwork, strength and hiit classes. It is the responsibility of participants to consult with their physician prior to participation in any classes. You are responsible for practicing within your own comfort levels. It is not necessary for the student to undertake all the practices, exercises and training suggested by the teacher. All practices, exercises and training will be undertaken voluntarily and in the event of accident or injury no claim will lie against the teacher or management at Livin’ off the Hook.
All our instructors are experienced teachers with recognised teaching qualifications. Whilst every effort is made by us to provide practices, exercises and training which are suitable to all students, it is the duty of the student to inform the teacher of any illnesses, injuries or weaknesses that might affect you while practicing, exercising or training.
Please inform us prior to booking if you are pregnant or suspect you may be expecting. Expectant mothers can exercise and practice yoga but not all exercise and yoga is suitable and modifications are recommended depending on the trimester so be sure to inform us if you are pregnant and we can recommend a qualified pre-natal teacher and advise the appropriate class for you.
We at Livin’ off the Hook reserve the right to refuse entry to or cancel the membership of any individual conducting inappropriate behavior which, in our view, is offensive to fellow practitioners, instructors or where a behavior represents a health and safety danger.
We will not be held responsible in the event of loss, damage, unauthorised use, theft or injury resulting from and to any personal property that you bring to any premises or location where our classes take place.
Your contact details (name, email, telephone number) are required so that we can contact you to confirm class details, including the cancellation of classes and in case of emergencies. Your contact information is collected solely by Niamh Colfer, in relation to services that we provide and you can opt out any time by deleting your own profile on the momoyoga app, or by clicking the opt out link at the end of our newsletters.
From time to time we take photographs of the yoga dome for use on social media. While we make every effort to respect your right to privacy we will never take photographs of students in class at the dome unless prior notification has been sent with our intent to do so or if a professional photographer is coming in which case students may opt out or choose to practise in a place where they will not be in the photograph.
We at Livin’ off the Hook reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
Terms and conditions updated 15th April 2022

Code of Conduct For Members/Students
In order to guarantee that each student receives the best experience possible, we at Livin' off the Hook request that everyone respects the etiquette of our classes:

1. All classes begin and end on time. We are very punctual so we start and finish each class on time. As such, please arrive before the start of class and prepare to stay the entire time. Latecomers may not be permitted into class.
2. Please remove your shoes/boots when entering the studio and refrain from wearing heavy perfumes.
3. No use of phones or pagers in the studio. Please turn them off before entering.
4. No food or soft drinks in the dome. Water only please.
5. Listen to your body and do not hesitate to go into a resting pose should you require to do so.
6. Please inform your instructor before class about current health issues or injuries.
7. Please speak and listen mindfully to your instructors and fellow students.
8. Treat everyone with respect, care, compassion and non-judgementally.
9. Students are requested to maintain healthy boundaries with our studio, including our instructors and other students all all times. A student must not engage in any verbal or physical behaviour of a demeaning, harassing or abusive nature in any professional context. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated and student may be barred from the studio should the behaviour persist.
10. Be open, have fun and above all practice each class mindfully and with intent.