Thursday 25 February

07:00 AM
Sunrise Yoga with Lynne 🌜🌊 🌱(ONLINE) online class
07:00 AM - 07:45 AM
Luna Wave
Luna Wave Yoga

An early morning yoga and mediation to restore and revitalise.

This sunrise session offers a space to tune in and connect with mind body and breath . Using intuitive movement, embodied philosophy and a light sense of humour to investigate beyond the physical postures of yoga and awaken your true potential.

Vajrasati Yoga is a playful exploration of modern postural yoga using 'āsana' posture, 'dhyana' -meditation, 'prānāyāma' -breath work and 'mantra' -chanting. The name Vajrasati is a combination of two ancient Indian words 'vajra' -thunderbolt and 'sati' -awareness so means unobstructed awareness and is reflection of Hatha and its meaning of sun/action and moon/reflections.

Through listening honestly to our body and responding accordingly we can move towards yoga. A restorative practice leaving you refreshed, revitalised, and ready for the day.

All levels- beginner friendly.
45 minutes.