New Moon Cacao, breath, yin flow class (online)
online class
Wednesday, 29 June • 09:00 - 10:30
Online via zoom
Joyce Mol
‘’I embrace my body & breath as my guide’’ 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♂️🫁

Once we start listening to our body & breath, we learn to embody & embrace our own rhythm.

One of the main focus in my guidance during 1:1, workshops etc is connecting to your own rhythm. This starts with listening to your body & breath.

Is this your rhythm?

Or do you try to follow someone else’s rhythm?

Do you walk your own path?

Or do you follow someone’s else’s path because it seems to be you have to do that?

Landing in your own authentic being starts with listening to your own rhythm. Your own body.

The body speaks the truth.

If there is Pain. Trauma. Tension. It is a message for you to start listening. Listening what it has to tell you.

Your breath is your nr 1 healing tool. It all starts with feeling. Breathing through the emotions. Breathing through the pain, trauma or tension. Breathing through all that you feel inside.

Only when you are able to feel deeply what there is, you will be able to release. To move on to the next phase in your life. Denying is no option. The body keeps the score & will always send you a new message when you keep moving on in the same way.

Change is scary. But so is staying the same. We are made for change. We are made for feeling. We are made for love. ❤️

So give yourself some love this week. Dive into stillness in your body. Breathe. Feel it all. You are so worth it! To connect with your own rhythm. Your body. Your breath.

June 29 is New Moon in the zodiac sign Cancer ♋️ 🌑 and I will host a Cacao, Breath & Yin Ceremony during this New Moon. Time to ground, release deep stagnant emotions and open your heart to your own rhythm. ❤️

We will start with a cacao ceremony and flow softly with the body in a yin flow after we settled in with some loving cacao, breathing exercises and soft movements.

Join by signing up! ❤️

Loving investment: €15,00