About Moments Yoga

We are Devika, Sam, Tialda and Josy. In our tiny yoga oasis on the edge of Utrecht, we offer yoga, meditation and breath work classes to small groups of people. The maximum number of people who can join is six, so in this intimate setting we can give a lot of attention to every person who participates.

All of us have used the tools of yoga, meditation and breathwork over the past years and as friends and neighbours we have shared with each other our spiritual passions, questions, struggles, joys and journeys.

Last year, Sam, Devika and Tialda all became neighbours living at the edge of Utrecht Overvecht. There was this beautiful building in the garden and we realised it would be the perfect place for sharing yoga classes and meditation session with the community and so… the Moments studio was born.

At the Moments studio, we share the tools of yoga with you, our local community. The Moments studio is a space where we invite you to simply be, a place that feels like a holiday, where you are welcome to be completely yourself.

The studio is surrounded by gardens with flowers, vegetables, bees, chickens and trees.

Also, the Gagelbos is right next door, so after or before your yoga class you could go for a lovely nature walk.