Gentle vinyasa flow
Saturday, 26 November • 10:00 - 11:00
Tialda Van der Wal
Yoga came on my path during an exciting and inspiring time in my life full of new people and ideas. When these inspiring ideas changed into expectations that I had about myself and loud voices of the problems in the world that needed change, everything became so much and so loud that I felt that I couldn’t see anymore and that nothing really made sense. I found clarity again when practising yoga. In silence I found this sense of relief, embracing and loving myself and the present moment as it is right now. It's the only thing thats ever made the slightest sense to me in this world. I also keep forgetting and remembering to listen to the present moment every day, every month, every year again haha! I believe that it’s all part of the practice. So in my yoga class I guide both myself and the students back to some little moments in the here and now.
This soft vinyasa flow includes a meditation, some mindful movement and a little bit of heat. We move with love and ease, connecting body, mind and breath. We practise being present with what is.