Yang / Yin - Term 2
Saturday, 8 May • 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
The base
Ashanna Roberts
This balancing class will leave you feeling energised and relaxed at the same time. It's the ideal fusion of different modalities (Vinyasa Flow, Tantric Hatha and Yin) making this the ultimate class in exploring your body and inner world. All levels are welcome as there will always be options to increase or decrease as you need.

Ashanna first discovered the asana side of yoga 7 years ago and has been on a committed journey ever since. After years of working in the media industry she pursued the opportunity to continue her journey of self-discovery and integration, by moving countries to live and work at a Yoga and Meditation retreat centre in Cambodia.

This transformative immersion offered many insights that ignited her passion to help others, by sharing everything she has learnt along the way, while constantly continuing to learn more about the holistic practice of yoga.

Ashanna’s love of intuitive, expressive movement and appreciation of philosophy are weaved throughout her classes. She loves to create not just a class, but an experience and opportunity for you to embrace your true self and live more in alignment with your life.

To Ashanna, yoga is more than just the asana. It is the pathway to cultivating a deeper connection with your own innate wisdom. A way to remember who you really are and all that you are capable of being.