Saturday 23 May

11:00 am
Stretch & Shine for Families with Amy Thompson online class
Online, in your home
11:00 am - 11:30 am
Online, in your home

A BRAND NEW class for No More Shoulds, with gorgeous guest teacher Amy Thompson of Face It Lifestyle.

Weekends may not feel like weekends right now, let’s change that together. Make some time with your children or your inner child to just be silly. Spin, twist and drum your way into the weekend. Giggle and find that space free from tension and worries while we visualise making energy balls together. Wiggle your way into the weekend.

Just so you know: this isn't a yoga class exactly - it's a fun, physical, expressive whirligig of positivity guaranteed to lift the spirits of the whole family from 2 to 102.

Aside from being just the loveliest person, here's more about Amy (Amy 2? Amy T?):
Amy Thompson is a Life Empowerment Coach specialising in self-love, empowerment and positive mindsets. Her goal is to help bring awareness to people’s negative self-talk that’s causing problems in their lives and help them change their inner narration (e.g the stories they tell themselves about themselves and the world around them) to a more empowering and loving voice.

Amy founded her Life Empowerment coaching business Face It Lifestyle to help her fellow humans tap into their own inner-super-power, embrace their true selves, and relight a fire in their bellies by learning the tools to crack their limiting beliefs and develop an empowering positive mindset.

Having been certified as both a health & mindset coach, she is now studying strategic intervention under her teachers Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Mark Peyshu & Magali Peyshu, as part of their Core 100 Board Coaching Certification program & their Group Coaching certification program.