Teacher's Co-Practice with Theo Wildcroft (Second Series)
online class
Thursday, 20 May • 09:30 - 11:00
Theo Wildcroft
In collaboration with Nourish, Theo Wildcroft is looking for a small group of yoga teachers to join her on a yearlong, once a month journey into collaborative practice together. Each month’s practice will be accompanied by a resource or two, chosen to help us explore a theme together. We will meet up on Zoom where Theo will lead us through a gently-led, shared practice of invitations and suggestions to guide our collaborative exploration. After the practice, we will have time to talk and share.

Themes will include:

Rooting, resilience and rising together;
Pushing edges, finding centres;
Balance in movement and stillness;
and Journeys and travelling.
This offer is open to any yoga or movement teacher. We are looking for a small but committed group who miss the community of moving together without moving in unison. Sessions will feel gentle, contemplative, relaxed and physically accessible.

The second series of this practice begins in May 2021, and spaces are very limited.

Thursdays 9:30 – 11:00am GMT, via zoom.

20 May 2021
17 June 2021
22 July 2021
19 August 2021 - no session
23 September 2021
21 October 2021
18 November 2021
16 December 2021
20 January 2022
17 February 2022
17 March 2022
21 April 2022
5 May 2022

Community Price: £139
Standard Price: £169
Supporter Price: £199