front yard class
Friday, February 26 • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Luna Phoenix
This is an early morning 45-minute yoga class. Occasionally gentle, restorative or active. This will be held in the front yard of the main NuReveal Yoga Studios due to COVID19. Please place your mats parallel to the main house and behind the stoned markers. Each marker is at least separated by 6ft with respect to the CDC requirements. Luna will be wearing a mask while teaching. You may wear one as well. No one is allowed inside the studio or inside the house for ANY reason. IF ILL, PLEASE REMAIN HOME. IF YOU MUST SNEEZE OR COUGH, PLEASE DO SO INSIDE YOUR ARM.
Closeout time to pay is 2 hours before class. If you do not pay an hour before class, entry is not permitted. WEATHER PERMITTING.