Thai Yoga Massage 'Winter Special"
Tuesday, 16 November • 18:00 - 19:15
Bliss Wellness, 39 Malone Road
Steven Conville
Traditional Thai yoga massage is a powerful form of energy rebalancing and physical massage. The theoretical foundation of Thai massage lies in the 'ten sen' - ten important energy lines running through the body. In Thai massage these energy points are pressed along with applied static and dynamic stretches to bring the body back into balance.

A Thai yoga massage begins at the feet and moves along the legs, stomach, arms, hands, side body, back, shoulders, head and face. In each position there is a combination of acupressure, asanas, stretching, palming, thumbing, and gentle twisting. Working along these 'sen' energy lines can help break energy blockages, stimulate the free flow of prana, and help to restore general wellbeing.

A Thai yoga massage can be adapted for those who cannot comfortably lie on the back or front, as well as for pregnancy.